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Editor’s Pick: The Best of prooVreading 2018

Editor's Life

Another year flew by and 2018 is coming to a close.

We hope you learned as much from the insights and updates on prooVreading as we enjoyed bringing them to you!

For the yearly editor’s pick, we start out with all of the articles published throughout the year (that’s tripple digits!) and narrow it down to the ten that best represent your favorite articles, our in-depth research and the different topics covered on prooVreading.

In 2018, three themes stood out: How to stay relevant in your industry with corporate innovation; spotlights on real world implementations of technology solutions; and how to improve your proof-of-concepts.

Happy reading and Happy New Year from all of us at prooV!


How to Stay Relevant in Your Industry with Corporate Innovation

1. Enterprise Insights: How Bank of America Stays Innovative

With the strong emergence of fintech, legacy financial institutions have been forced to make a decision: either stick to their tried-and-true ways and sink, or embrace innovation and swim. Read here about five specific initiatives Bank of America has carried out to stay ahead of the innovation curve.

2. The 5 Biggest Barriers to Innovation and How to Overcome Them

You can overcome the barriers to innovation2018 was the year that dedicated corporate innovation efforts really started to take shape. But with organized innovation still at the beginning of its journey, common barriers still pose challenges in the process. Here is a breakdown of the top five barriers to innovation (according to KPMG and Innovation Leader), along with actionable tips on how to overcome each one.

3. The Future of HealthTech

The telehealth vertical is worth $26.5 billion today and is expected to grow to be worth more than $41 billion by 2021. That means that each of us or someone we know is likely to be impacted by telehealth in the coming years. Learn about what it is, the key advantages it brings and the different ways it is making its way into our medical services.

Real World Implementations of Technology Solutions

4. The Coolest Innovations from the 2018 Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics is a sporting spectacle that is followed and admired every four years, but in 2018 it was also a showcase for top-performing technologies. Here is a list of the coolest innovations that made an appearance at the 2018 Winter Olympics, whether improving athlete performance or audience viewing experience.

5. The Latest and Greatest Innovations in InsurTech

Insurance for the FutureAs a complicated industry that impacts nearly everybody, the world of insurance is ripe for disruption. This post explains how emerging technologies in artificial intelligence, data processing and the Internet of Things are changing the way things are done and shifting the entire market.

6. How the Internet of Things Will Impact These 10 Industries

From wearables to smart cities and smart factories, the Internet of Things is permeating all industries to make them more effective and more efficient. Find your industry in this post to see how IoT is impacting your industry and what changes are yet to come.

How to Improve Your Proof-of-Concepts

7. How Proof-of-Concepts Improve the Innovation Process

Adopting new technologies is a key pillar of corporate innovation, whether making incremental improvements or creating transformational change. Regardless of what your goal in implementing new technologies, though, taking them for a test run on your production environment puts your customer and company data at risk. That is where proof-of-concepts come in. Read on to learn what a proof-of-concept is and why it is important for both large companies and startups.

8. How to Run a Proof-of-Concept in the 21st Century

Spend Smart with Open InnovationUntil recently, the proof-of-concept process was slow and outdated, making it the bottleneck of innovation. But that was then. Now, the process of discovering, testing and evaluating external technologies has is centralized, streamlined and simplified by bringing it all on to one proof-of-concept platform. Learn how to optimize your proof-of-concept process now.

9. How to Spend Smart on Corporate Innovation

At the enterprise level, proof-of-concepts are the foundation of open innovation and therefore have a big impact on a company’s innovation budget. Learn how to run proof-of-concepts more efficiently, and how to differentiate between high innovation spend and smart innovation spend.

10. Corporate Innovation Managers: Tackle Your Pain Points with prooV

Common pain points among innovation managers include bringing technology and business departments together, overcoming bureaucratic lag time and managing the cost of innovation. Innovation managers across industries look to prooV to overcome each of these challenges. Read this post to see how prooV can help you break through innovation barriers and take on your competition.

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