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How can prooV help retail innovation?

Customers are looking for personalized shopping experiences, with smooth checkout processes, both  in-store and online. For retail giants to stay competitive and not fall behind, they must utilize their innovation strategies and bring on new technologies.

Part of this process is making sure that your solutions work seamlessly with each other, so you’re able to offer your customers the ultimate experience.

However, in the era of data protection, it is imperative to find solutions that can maintain your integrity. Using prooV which offers a secure, PoC platform that takes your cloud environment, to our cloud allows you to run proper proof-of-concepts, so you can focus on what matters the most – finding the right solution.

prooV Benefits for Your Retail Innovation PoCs

All-inclusive toolset including Smart APIs, data generation and more

Pre-vetted vendors ready to run PoCs

Tailored KPIs to compare and benchmark solutions

Comprehensive and accurate testing environments that mimic production

AI, Data and So Much More

Here are some PoC ideas your retail innovation team can explore.

AI-Based Dressing Rooms

Test solutions that give customers the most realistic artificial intelligence dressing room experience. They no longer need to go through the hassle of undressing and trying on clothes.

Big Data for an Enhanced Customer Experience

Find a solution that can help you securely decipher the mounds of data you’re sitting on to create unique, customized user offerings.

Always Know Your Stock

Run an IoT PoC to find the best solution for keeping track of all the goods in your warehouse. The use of sensors and smart devices will eliminate your guessing games.

Let’s talk about how to achieve your retail innovation goals!

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