Don’t Just Mock Your Data, Deep Mirror It.

Test technologies using data that behaves exactly like your
production data, without exposing it.

Generate PoC Data

"Our collaboration with prooV provides companies such as Sompo with the right building blocks to identify the ideal products and services, gain a competitive advantage, and pursue their growth strategies."

Tal Chen

Head of Technologies Collaborations, Deloitte Israel

What is Deep Mirroring?

Deep Mirroring, prooV’s patented technology, is a way to automatically generate data that mimics the patterns and behaviors of your real production data. It gives you all the benefits of running a PoC with real data — such as evaluating how solutions perform in your specific production environment — but with none of the risk.

With as little as your metadata you can easily generate millions of records to populate your PoC testing environments.

Overcome Regulatory Hurdles

Whether for privacy, security, or both, enterprises are often prohibited from sharing the data they collect.

With Deep Mirroring, data regulations like the GDPR don’t have to keep you from running effective PoCs. Now you can make informed decisions based on PoC results that are relevant and specific to you.

Add Noise and Irregularities

Make technology testing even more realistic by adding anomalies to your deep mirrored data.

Testing solutions under stress makes your proof-of-concept even more relevant and the results more applicable.

Even Your Data Sample is Anonymous

prooV’s Anonymous Data SDK empowers you to mask your data sample in-house and on-prem so you can rest assured that your data is never shown to outside parties and only handled by your team.

Evaluate Technologies with Data that Simulates Your Own

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