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Always introduce new tech with SafeZone to stay safe in terms of governance, risk management and compliance (GRC)

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What is SafeZone?

SafeZone is a last-mile regulation compliance evaluation solution that allows new technology to be introduced gradually to the actual production environment, without jeopardizing the safety of data.

The PoC journey is not over with the selection of a new solution. In fact, the most nerve-wracking part comes right after it, when the chosen software needs to be put into action on the legacy system. We, at prooV, understood the need for an additional step before the release of new technology – and created SafeZone.

How it Works

SafeZone’s first-of-its-kind software creates a simulated reality for the newly installed technology, whitewashing API and database credentials and feeding it deep mirrored or real data, depending on the customer’s preferences. SafeZone’s unique system will then begin to closely monitor the new technology’s activity and create an easily accessible log on the prooV platform.

The logged events can then be gradually released and tested against the heritage environment, making sure that the company’s data is GRC safe. After eliminating the chances of an unexpected outcome – SafeZone’s safety capsule can then be lifted from the system, enabling the new technology to swing into full action.

One time software deployment

Once you made sure that the new tech fits seamlessly into the legacy environment, there is no need to re-install. The new solution can be released into the system by a click of a button. Only when you feel completely safe do you have to remove SafeZone.

Complete GRC Safety

In the current regulatory environment enterprises cannot take risks, and introducing new software on their tried and trusted setup can easily cause havoc and put databases into a vulnerable position. With SafeZone you can be 100% sure that your new technology will not damage or leak data.

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