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Business Intelligence Vendor Evaluation

Most industries from healthcare to finance to insurance are sitting on mounds of data – usually private and sensitive. It therefore leaves companies in a challenging position – on the one hand, they have many opportunities to leverage the data, but on the other, a strong need to maintain the integrity and trust of their clients and patients’ information.

prooV’s PoC Platform coupled with our Data Mirroring tool allows you to run any type of BI PoC. There’s no need to worry about the risk of exposing your data when you utilize our proprietary technology – deep mirroring. This tool will learn the behavior of your data and return to you mimicked, synthetic data that you can use in your BI PoC.

Types of BI PoCs You Can Run on prooV

Actionable Client Data
Collecting and sitting on lots of data is useless unless you’re using it to learn and improve. Find a tool that helps organize and creates useful and actionable reports from your data.

Stay On Top Of ROI
No matter the department know the nitty gritty details of every project, employee and more. Test BI solutions that can create reports to help you measure ROI for your projects.

Know Your Historical Data
As your company grows you will collect more and more data. To keep it organized and of useful value to you, test BI solutions that can gather, collect and organize these various datasets.

Track KPIs That Matter to Your BI PoC

KPIs are imperative to your BI proof-of-concepts and we understand that. With prooV, you can track over 170 technical KPIs and create unique business KPIs that matter to your specific PoC goals.

Some examples of BI KPIs you can track in your PoC include:

Accurate Insights
The BI algorithm is able to run and give accurate insights from the datasets.

It can go through the data in a fast and efficient manner.

The solution should be able to work through the data and give you predictable insights.

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