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Welcome to the Proof-of-Concept Revolution

With prooV's all encompassing PoC platform you can discover and demonstrate solutions by easily running multiple PoCs on secure, cloud-based testing environments







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Search through the hundreds of innovative solutions on the marketplace and identify collaboration opportunities

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Reach out to any of the global companies to either test a new technology or demonstrate a solution through a PoC

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Enterprise opens a new PoC opportunity

When opening a new opportunity, the enterprise defines the testing environment and uploads all relevant documentation

Startups/ ISVs can also suggest a relevant PoC to an enterprise

Enterprise defines and sets up testing environment

The testing environment takes only minutes to set up - use prooV's smart analytics to discover data structures and recieve a simulated testing environment with mock-up data

Startups/ ISVs apply to join the PoC opportunity

Enterprise reviews join requests and approves relevant solutions

Approved startups/ ISVs are immediately granted access to the testing environment and are given the components needed to run a successful PoC including: Remote server connection (Linux or Windows), APIs, data connection, containers, Big Data Stream etc.

Startups/ ISVs connect to the secure testing environment and run the PoC

Enterprise monitors PoCs progress and analyzes results

The enterprise can compare solutions in relation to the specific KPIs set for the PoC as well as simulate the behavior of evaluated solutions in different circumstances using prooV's predictive analytics

After the startups/ ISVs complete the PoC, the enterprise receives the final results and decides how to proceed

Why prooV

When accepted to a PoC you’ll get

Full RFPs for each PoC opportunity

Enterprise’s complete system specs

Direct chat channel with the enterprise

Remote connection to the dedicated testing environment

Connect with Enterprises that are PoC ready

No more running around trying to pitch your solution, now you can find enterprises already looking for a solution like yours.

Access to everything needed to run a winning PoC

Once accepted to a PoC opportunity, you are provided everything necessary to run it successfully (RFPs, APIs, data, systems, etc.).

Your New Solutions are
Time Sensitive

With prooV the PoC cycle is reduced to days rather than months, allowing you to quickly get results, iterate and improve accordingly.

Let Your Technology do
the Talking

On prooV your solution is at the forefront, both in discovery and evaluation - it leads the conversation.

Easily Make Your
Solution Known

Showcase your solutions and let enterprises reach out to you through your dedicated company profile page on the prooV marketplace.

Single Point Integration

A simple one-time setup gives you access to hundreds of pre-screened startups/ ISVs and PoC opportunities

Run Multiple PoCs in Parallel

Maximize results by evaluating the several tested solutions in parallel to each other

No Bureaucratic Bottlenecks

Avoid binding regulations and internal policies using external, secure and cloud - based environments

Leverage Predictive Analytics

Use predictive analytics to analyze each solution's performance and scalability in relation to unique KPIs set forth

All Encompassing

Discover, connect, communicate, analyze and evaluate solutions across all verticals in one simple place

Pre-Vetted Companies

Every single startup/ ISV on prooV has been screened and qualified by prooV analysts

Trending PoC Categories

New opportunities open daily and vary in industry. Some of the most popular categories are:

"The real benefit of prooV is that we were able to quickly explore solutions, some of which we didn't even know how to categorize, and were able to see results within a short period of time."

Michael Barry, President of TCF

prooV in the News

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Isracard announces prooVday winners

Read about the first ever prooVday, a Proof-of-Concept competition run in cooperation with Financial services provider, Isracard

Come Say Hi

We will be attending, hosting and sponsoring several events in the near future. If you're there, we would love to see you!

"prooV gives us the ability to take the challenge of innovating in an organized manner - it lets us deal with the quantity of startups approaching us."

Senior Executive, Schneider Electric