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What is prooV?

prooV is an end-to-end proof-of-concept platform that eases the burden of testing and evaluating vendor technologies. prooV revolutionizes the way proof-of-concepts are executed to allow a streamlined cycle that removes friction and internal silos.

With prooV you can easily open PoC opportunities that reflect your innovation and technology needs, you can configure dedicated testing environments and populate them with Smart APIs, servers and more. prooV allows you to analyze, evaluate and compare the performance of multiple solutions at once, based on the KPIs that are important to your business goals and helps you make better, more informed decisions regarding next steps.

Power Your Corporate Innovation Strategy with prooV

You no longer need to worry about the cumbersome process of testing and evaluating vendors. Our all encompassing solution empowers your open innovation strategy by breaking the barriers and silos that exist within your company.

You can now run multiple PoCs in parallel, shortening your overall PoC execution time. The PoC Platform allows you to connect, evaluate and compare numerous vendors all against tailored KPIs that you define. This makes your PoCs more meaningful, in-depth and insightful.

No Bureaucratic Bottlenecks

Avoid binding industry regulations and lengthy internal policies by moving the entire PoC process to one streamlined cloud-based PoC platform.

Tailored Testing Environments

Make sure you can draw viable conclusions from your PoC results by configuring a tailor-made testing environment for every PoC you run.

Smart Tools For Informed Decisions

Get actionable information to make informed decisions about your technology adoption before deploying.

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