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Enable Innovation in Your Company

As an Information Security leader within your company data and network protection is always top of mind. You must make sure all information is secure and handled properly. It is imperative for you to know and to be certain that all data sharing, technology testing, solution implementation and similar activities are safe and don’t expose the company to any vulnerabilities.

Your position is critical because you create, manage and enforce the entire information security and compliance program within your company and adding to the pressure, is the constant need for new technology, innovation and advancements. Keeping safety and security in mind, allowing different departments to run proof-of-concepts can be difficult, to say the least.

The prooV PoC platform generates PoC testing environments that are remote and external to your network. It gives you the ability to define security rules for each PoC and restrict access as you see fit. With prooV, you can rest assured that your peers are innovating in a way that respects your responsibilities. You know your company data and information is always secure and never at risk and that no external vendors can get direct access to your company’s network as part of the PoC process.

prooV enables you to be an innovation advocate and a security enthusiast all at the same time.

Choose Cybersecurity Solutions that Undergo Thorough Evaluation

Before implementing any new technology you need to put it through the ringer to make sure it doesn’t open you up to any vulnerabilities.

prooV’s Red Cloud solution enables you to evaluate cybersecurity technologies to the fullest. It is the ultimate playground for your Red Team to perform complex cyberattacks against solutions you are considering, to better understand how they withstand them.

From deception through malware to phishing, PoCing solutions on Red Cloud gives you the in-depth insights you need.

prooV Benefits for Security Leaders

prooV Firewall for extra protection and security

Cybersecurity testing as a streamlined step in the PoC process

Ultimate environments for cybersecurity solution testing

PoCs run on remote environments with synthetic data

Let the prooV PoC Platform Power Your Innovation

prooV is an end-to-end solution for running proof-of-concepts. It is a one stop shop for everything you need from discovering vendors, replicating your production environment and evaluating multiple vendors against technical and business KPIs that are important to your business.

prooV’s PoC Platform, and Red Cloud are all solutions to help increase and hasten your innovation strategy. Help your fellow team members run safe, secure PoCs, for faster innovation adoption.

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