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How can prooV help finance innovation?

The financial industry is fraught with legal barriers, security measurements and lengthy bureaucratic processes. prooV helps you overcome these obstacles with its unique PoC Platform and Data Mirroring tool. Whether you’re working on your bank’s innovation team or for a fintech company, you can now run comprehensive, secure proof-of-concepts and streamline your PoC process.

prooV provides you with an easy-to-use PoC Wizard and a full tool set to help you create the most realistic testing environment populated with Smart APIs, Deep Mirrored data and network behavior.

You no longer need to worry about privacy regulations when using prooV’s proprietary technology. Your data is always secure and never at risk of exposure as our technology learns your data, and generates synthetic data that acts and behaves just like your original dataset.

prooV Benefits for Your Finance Innovation PoCs

All-inclusive toolset including Smart APIs, data generation and more

Pre-vetted vendors ready to run PoCs

Tailored KPIs to compare and benchmark solutions

Comprehensive and accurate testing environments that mimic production

FinTech, Cybersecurity and Beyond

Here are some PoC ideas your finance innovation team can explore.

Let Your Chatbot Do the Talking

Evaluate chatbot solutions to see which one responds the fastest and answers inquiries correctly.

Secure Payments with Blockchain

Find a solution that will help keep payments between parties safe and secure, but also quicken the process.

Protect Your Tech with Cybersecurity

Test different cybersecurity solutions to help protect your technology. Run various penetration tests to make sure they can withstand the pressure.

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