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Artificial Intelligence Vendor Evaluation

Millions of dollars are being invested in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Every company wants to implement an AI solution and every startup wants to build one. With the staggering amount of available AI vendors, how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

When considering to bring in an AI vendor, it is important to find one that will integrate safely and quickly into your company. To make sure a new solution will work well with your legacy systems and meet your innovation goals, running an in-depth AI proof-of-concept is a must.

On prooV, you can run an AI PoC in an external, safe, secure environment that looks and acts like your actual production environment. You can use our Deep Mirroring tool to generate synthetic data to be used for training the AI without any risk of exposing sensitive, private information. You can also use dedicated KPIs to evaluate these solutions based on criteria that is unique to them.

Types of AI PoCs You Can Run on prooV

Having a chatbot or messenger service installed has become a must for most companies. Evaluate various vendor solutions to see which one can give your users the smoothest and most realistic interaction.

Facial Recognition Software
Facial recognition can help a variety of companies in finding someone or recognizing a set of specific characteristics. Test and compare a variety of facial recognition solutions that require different learning methods in a standardized manner.

AI-Based Workflows
Find a solution that best compliments your employees’ efforts and helps them manage the workload. Assess which solution analyzes and processes mundane tasks in the most accurate and efficient way.

Track KPIs That Matter to Your AI PoC

KPIs are imperative to your AI proof-of-concepts and we understand that. With prooV, you can track over 170 technical KPIs and create unique business KPIs that matter to your specific PoC goals.

Some examples of AI KPIs you can track in your PoC include:

Response & Accuracy
The AI solution is able to respond and answer correctly.

The speed in which the AI solution reacts and retrieves the information.

Data Needed
Depending on how the AI solution is built, do you need to provide it data to learn or can it jump right into the task.

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