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Internet of Things Vendor Evaluation

IoT is drastically changing the world – connecting people, utilities, cities and buildings. This ground breaking technology will have a massive impact in innovation opportunities for businesses.

IoT technology can be utilized in a variety of ways. Each industry can use it for their own purposes such as the medical field using a network of connected devices that collect, record and analyze patient data which can help with patient tracking, diagnosis and more.

IoT generates a wealth of data that could help companies learn more about their effects, abilities and assets.

Types of IoT PoCs You Can Run on prooV

Supply Chain Management
Keep track of all materials and goods in your storage facilities with smart sensors. Always know when you’re running low or something is missing. Test solutions that can give you accurate stock counts and alert you when necessary.

Predictive Maintenance
Install sensors in equipment and always be aware of any potential malfunctions or wear and tear. Find a solution that can offer you the most reliable and timely alerts.

Connected Medical Devices
Medical professionals can collect patient data from smart health devices and use the information to assist in patient treatment plans. Test solutions that can give you actionable information.

Track KPIs That Matter to Your IoT PoC

KPIs are imperative to your IoT proof-of-concepts and we understand that. With prooV, you can track over 170 technical KPIs and create unique business KPIs that matter to your specific PoC goals.

Some examples of IoT KPIs you can track in your PoC include:

Intervals and amount of data it takes to generate in a certain time frame.

Accuracy of Data
Does the data that is collected truly reflect what’s happening in the field.

Learning Capacity
Is it able to change and learn over time and remain accurate.

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