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What is prooV Lab?

proov Lab allows you to configure more complex, richer software testing environments with parameters that are not available on our standard PoC platform.

With a PoC testing environment that is as close to your production environment as possible, PoC results from prooV Lab are even more authentic and provide even more value in your technology adoption decision-making process.

For example, with prooV Lab you can test how technologies interact with live directory communications, whether the solutions you are testing can work with legacy APIs, how compatible they are with the existing hardware and software tools in your ecosystem, and more.

Why prooV Lab?

It is essential to fully test, measure and evaluate the capabilities of any technology before implementing it.

The most comprehensive way to do this is to create a testing environment that looks and feels like your production environment. That, however, comes along with its own set of challenges. Creating a brand new environment can be time consuming and it can open your systems up to a host of unwanted threats.

prooV Lab removes these challenges and gives you the tools to create a more customized and robust environment without having to face any of the logistical or security challenges.

With such a tailored and secure testing environment, your software evaluation will be more actionable after each PoC, and you will possess more data in order to make an informed decision about which technology to implement.

Customize Your PoC Test Lab for Real Results

Don’t leave any open questions when it comes to choosing the right technology. Beyond checking technical capabilities, you also need to ensure that the solution you choose is compatible with your existing infrastructure and will not create new problems in your ecosystem.

Run PoC tests in an environment that replicates your own to see exactly how solutions will perform on your production environment.

That way, your software evaluation will be more accurate, and the results of your PoC will be personalized for your company’s specific requirements.

A More Robust PoC Testing Environment

Broaden the scope of specification in your testing environment by defining variables like operating system, firewall, CRM, database, big data platform, hardware servers, and more so that they match your production environment.

prooV Lab allows you to broaden your software testing and software evaluation capabilities even beyond what you can do with the PoC Platform.

By being able to define your PoC testing environment in such detail, combined with all the features of the PoC Platform, you are empowered with the ability to enjoy a more robust and substantial PoC experience.

Build A More Specialized PoC Testing Environment

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