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Streamlined Digital Transformation for Governments

Use prooV for Governments to securely test and evaluate technologies

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What can governments do with prooV?

Governments around the world using prooV can run proof-of-concepts knowing their activity is secure, allowing them to create more innovative public services. As an end-to-end PoC testing solution, prooV allows governments to roll out new services at a quicker pace, thereby easing the process of digital transformation.

Run Secure PoCs on

As a government you need to become more efficient and accessible, but you can't test technologies in just any proof-of-concept environment.

With easy access to GovCloud, you have the security and flexibility to address innovation in fields like: voting, payments, mail identification, cross-boarder flows, appointment booking, case management and more.

Running PoCs on prooV with GoVCloud makes it easy to test and evaluate technologies while staying compliant with security regulations.

Increase the Pace of
Government Innovation

Swiftly test, evaluate and implement technologies to make your public services more efficient, accessible and intuitive.

A simple and streamlined PoC process means you can innovate with solutions like: natural language processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots and more.

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Get More Out of Your PoCs with Deep Mirrored Data

Data is a crucial element of every proof-of-concept, but it is also the most sensitive one.

With Deep Mirroring you can automatically generate millions of data records that mimic the patterns and behavior of your production data.

It gives you all of the benefits of populating your PoC testing environments with real data — such as evaluating how solutions perform in your specific production environment — but with none of the risk.

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Optimized Digital Transformation

Have the best PoC experience possible with the simplicity of prooV and the security of GovCloud.

Efficient Services & Processes

Save time and resources by digitizing both your government services and your PoC process.

Innovation Across the Board

Innovate government services across departments from one place, with easy access to ISVs in any vertical.

Speed Up Your Digital Transformation
with Streamlined PoCs

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