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Don’t Be Weighed Down By Proof-of-Concept Requirements

As an IT professional, you support your entire company’s technology infrastructure, adoption and more. You work with internal and external counterparts on fixing and improving any technological problems and provide ongoing service and support to several departments. To add to your ever growing list of tasks, IT requirements keep evolving and not only do you need to manage your current infrastructure, but assist in finding new solutions that expand it.

As PoCs are a prerequisite and the base for any technology or innovation process, you are constantly asked to assist teams and provide environments to run them. From set-up to providing data, you are required to make sure vendors can be tested in true-to-life ways.

While we know you are always happy to assist, we realize it can become difficult to juggle and prioritize on top of all your other tasks, leading you to be an innovation bottleneck.

prooV helps ease the burden by providing your colleagues the tools and ability to perform the more-easy tasks and only call you for the mission-critical ones. This means they can independently set up PoC testing environments and populate them with data, while sticking to your instructions, guidelines and even examples. prooV helps you work more seamlessly with other teams, so you know everyone’s on the same page when testing vendors.

prooV Benefits for Innovation Leaders

All-inclusive toolset including Smart APIs, data generation and more

Predictive analytics to assess solution performance at scale and in other environments

Team management, security rules and access restrictions for full PoC control

One-time set up of comprehensive testing environments, with dedicated channels for each vendor

Let the prooV PoC Platform Power Your Innovation

prooV is an end-to-end solution for running proof-of-concepts. It is a one stop shop for everything you need from discovering vendors, replicating your production environment and evaluating multiple vendors against technical and business KPIs that are important to your business.

prooV’s PoC Platform, Lab and Red Cloud are all solutions to help increase and hasten your innovation strategy. You will be able to run more PoCs every year allowing you to innovate at a faster pace than your competitors.

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