Corporate Innovation Managers: Tackle Your Pain Points with prooV

Tackle innovation pain points with prooV

Taking on a lead innovation role in a corporation comes with unique challenges.

The Head of Innovation has to be able to create a culture of innovation, inspire and motivate people at all levels of the enterprise to support and participate in innovation initiatives, and demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the people, processes and technologies that innovation programs work.

prooV is an end-to-end solution for discovering, testing and evaluating technologies that eases innovation pain points and empowers the Head of Innovation to innovate more and innovate faster.

When it comes to the main Head of Innovation pain points of bringing technology and business departments together, overcoming bureaucratic lag time and managing the cost of innovation — the Head of Innovation and prooV are a match made in innovation heaven.

Bringing Technology and Business Departments Together

Business line departments and technological departments each have different metrics they want to keep track of when testing and evaluating a given technology solution.

Helping technology and business departments work together toward effective innovation

Enterprise business departments want to evaluate startups based on business-oriented metrics like efficiency and productivity, while the IT department is concerned with technical issues such as required computing power, algorithm intelligence and security.

It falls on the shoulders of the Head of Innovation to make sure that all of the stakeholders get the information they need to make an informed decision when testing vendor solutions.

prooV ensures that everyone gets the data they need on the KPIs that matter to them by giving companies the capability to measure both business and technical KPIs in the same proof-of-concept (PoC).

In the past, conducting extensive PoC testing has been too time-consuming and complicated for even some enterprise-level companies to undertake on a large scale.

Innovation metrics for all

However, cloud computing and prooV solutions have eliminated these barriers and made it possible for departments to consolidate PoC needs into one place.

For Heads of Innovation, this means less time spent testing along with better results and more meaningful collaboration among different departments.

Overcoming Bureaucratic Lag Time

While there are several obstacles that can slow the innovation process, running into bureaucratic walls is one of the most frustrating for any Head of Innovation.

The 5 Biggest Barriers to Innovation and How to Overcome Them

When innovative ideas are flowing, there is nothing is worse than losing momentum and enthusiasm by getting caught up in bureaucratic processes and regulations.

No more bureaucratic lag time with prooV

It used to be the case that disjointed processes were a necessary price of innovation, but now prooV gives innovation leaders a way to break through that red tape.

Bringing the entire PoC process onto the cloud makes every part of the process faster, from discovering vendors to delivering and signing NDAs to creating testing environments to evaluating PoC results. And centralizing the entire process on one intuitive platform makes each step of the way easier, too.

Managing the Cost of Innovation

Innovation can be an expensive endeavor for any company. But with prooV, proof-of-concepts are one part of the process that innovation managers can significantly save on.

When innovating, large companies with complex infrastructures need to test and evaluate multiple technologies in order to determine which is right for their environment.

Spend smart on innovation

It is both costly and complicated for innovation managers to run a separate PoC for each technology they want to test.

With prooV, however, they can test multiple technologies in the same PoC, meaning that they only need to create one testing environment for each innovation challenge.

Spending smart does not only does this save time and money, but it also helps gain the internal support of company executives, which is key to any successful innovation program.

Elevate Your Innovation with prooV

If you are leading an innovation program in a large company, you will likely encounter these pain points, among others.

prooV understands the nature of enterprise innovation, which is why we centralize and streamline the proof-of-concept process to empower corporate innovation leads to innovating faster and more often.

With prooV, you can eliminate barriers to innovation and take on the competition.

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