ISVs 101


  • Why should I run a PoC on prooV?
    • Answer:

      prooV removes all of the bureaucratic back-and-forth of the old PoC process and lets you easily showcase your technology, connect with enterprises and run PoCs.

  • Is there a risk in using prooV?
    • Answer:

      There is no risk in using prooV. Your company’s information is secure at every stage of the PoC process — from communicating with enterprises to PoC activity and performance.

  • What can we do once the PoC concludes?
    • Answer:

      When a PoC concludes, you can continue collaborating with the enterprise outside the prooV platform by deploying your technology on their system, or any other way you decide.

  • What is prooV?
    • Answer:

      prooV is a platform that centralizes the entire proof-of-concept process in one place. Enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs) use it to engage, offer, test, analyze and evaluate technologies as one connected experience.

  • What does the prooV platform consist of?
    • Answer:

      The prooV platform consists of tools that facilitate the entire proof-of-concept process for both enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs). On prooV you can publish, apply to, run and analyze the results of proof-of-concepts — all in one place.

  • How does prooV work?
    • Answer:

      prooV moves the entire proof-of-concept process to a secure cloud environment, allowing you to work around regulations and roadblocks while still running an effective PoC and mitigating risk.  

  • Is my intellectual property secure on prooV?
    • Answer:

      Yes, your intellectual property is secure on the prooV platform. You choose how to demonstrate your capabilities with the credentials you receive for the PoC environment. The only people who can view your activity is you and the enterprise running the PoC.



  • What is a PoC?
    • Answer:

      PoC stands for proof-of-concept, and is a way for enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs) to verify whether the ISV’s technology meets the enterprise’s needs and requirements before deploying the technology onto their infrastructure.

  • What types of PoCs can I run on prooV?
    • Answer:

      On prooV you can run any PoC that is testing one or more software solutions. PoCs on prooV can be created by enterprises in any industry looking for software solutions in any vertical.

  • What is the lifecycle of a PoC?
    • Answer:

      The PoC lifecycle consists of six stages from creating the PoC to deploying a solution. The six stages are: PoC Creation, Joining Period, PoC Preparation, Running PoC, Evaluation and Deployment.

  • Why should I run a PoC?
    • Answer:

      That’s their foot in the door to work with enterprises/integrate, this cuts the red tape and beurocracy that makes the process faster smoother easier

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