prooV 101

Answers to the most frequently asked questions
about prooV and the proof-of-concept process

Frequently Asked Questions

What is prooV?

prooV is a platform that centralizes the entire proof-of-concept process in one place. Enterprises and independent softw [...]

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What does the prooV platform consist of?

The prooV platform consists of tools that facilitate the entire proof-of-concept process for both enterprises and indepe [...]

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How does prooV work?

prooV moves the entire proof-of-concept process to a secure cloud environment, allowing you to work around regulations a [...]

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What is a PoC?

PoC stands for proof-of-concept, and is a way for enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs) to verify whether [...]

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What types of PoCs can I run on prooV?

On prooV you can run any PoC that is testing one or more software solutions. PoCs on prooV can be created by enterprises [...]

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What is the lifecycle of a PoC?

The PoC lifecycle consists of six stages from creating the PoC to deploying a solution. The six stages are: PoC Creation [...]

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