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What is prooV?

prooV is an end-to-end proof-of-concept platform that eases the burden of testing and evaluating vendor technologies. prooV revolutionizes the way proof-of-concepts are executed to allow a streamlined cycle that removes friction and internal silos.

With prooV you can easily open PoC opportunities that reflect your innovation and technology needs, you can configure dedicated testing environments and populate them with synthetic data, Smart APIs, servers and more. prooV allows you to analyze, evaluate and compare the performance of multiple solutions at once, based on the KPIs that are important to your business goals and helps you make better, more informed decisions regarding next steps.

The Way Things Used To Be

The proof-of-concept process is infamous for being long, tedious and cumbersome. Companies looking to evaluate external solutions are required to set up dedicated environments for each vendor and go through the Legal, Data Security and IT departments to get approval to provide access and data. They have to find ways to compare solutions that are evaluated in separate settings, and assess their performance.

To most, this process causes frustration and delays, and costs companies a lot of time, money and resources. It prevents them from innovating and adopting technology in a fast, smart and insightful manner.

The PoC Revolution

prooV recognized the pain-points, problems and inefficiencies proof-of-concepts were presenting and decided to address them by designing a technology-driven solution to drive technology adoption. prooV coined and introduced to the market the first ever PoC Platform. Our all-encompassing PoC-as-a-Service brings the entire process together on one cloud-based platform, streamlining it and providing more advanced results.

Today companies don’t need to worry about finding a solution to help tackle the various steps because they can use prooV as their one stop shop for PoCs and open innovation.

Recognition and Awards

Frost & Sullivan 2018 Visionary Innovation Leadership Award

CNBC Unveils Its Annual List of 100 Promising Start-Ups to Watch

2018 Stratus Award for Cloud Computing

Why prooV?

Receive in-depth and meaningful PoC results

Shorten your PoC cycles for timely innovation execution

Bypass bureaucratic barriers and align all stakeholders

Evaluate and compare multiple solutions in parallel

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