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Streamline your PoC

The prooV proof-of-concept platform gives you full control over your PoC – from setting up the environment, defining KPIs, inviting vendors – and then comparing results through an intuitive online platform.

Bring order and simplicity to complex PoCs with many stakeholders and multiple vendors. The prooV platform is fully secure, transparent and lets you focus on decision-making, instead of the nitty gritty details.

Why prooV?

Receive in-depth and meaningful PoC results

Shorten your PoC cycles for timely innovation execution

Bypass bureaucratic barriers and align all stakeholders

Evaluate and compare multiple solutions in parallel

PoC Platform Key Features

All-inclusive toolset including Smart APIs, data generation and more

Pre-vetted vendors ready to run PoCs

Tailored KPIs to compare and benchmark solutions

Comprehensive and accurate testing environments that mimic production

Simplify Setup with the PoC Wizard

The PoC Wizard is where you paint a clear picture of the technology challenges you are looking to address.

It walks you through the process of articulating your goals, needs, evaluation criteria and instructions in an easy step-by-step format. It is also where you define your requirements for the corresponding testing environment.

This includes servers, databases, APIs, VPNs, SFTPs, application platforms, cloud services, microservices and Big Data environments.

Populate Your Environment with Smart Data and APIs for Relevant Results

The GDPR and other privacy regulations shouldn’t stop your corporate innovation goals of running more productive PoCs.

prooV offers several data population and API generation options, enabling you to replicate your production environment and setting the stage for relevant results and informed decisions.

Deep Mirrored Data – Automatically generate data that mirrors the exact patterns and behavior of your production data without exposing it.

Smart APIs – Duplicate your APIs from specification files to further emulate your production environment and ensure communication between legacy systems and the solutions you are testing.

BYOData – For those who prefer to bring their own data, prooV makes populating the environment quick and easy.

Measure Each PoC Against Your Specific Goals with Custom KPIs

Choose from more than 170 predefined technology KPIs, or use the KPI Editor to define your own specific business KPIs.

Each solution you test is measured against these KPIs, enabling you to compare their performance and strengths.

Keep Your Open Innovation Efforts Ahead of the Curve with Predictive Analytics

Minimize risk and eliminate guesswork by forecasting how each tested solution will perform at scale and in production.

Adjust the level of stress on any given solution using platform controls and smart algorithms to see its anticipated performance.

Bring Your Entire Proof-of-Concept Management Process onto One Platform

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