Why Collaboration will Accelerate Innovation Adoption for the Financial Sector

June 25, 2020

Innovation is critical for financial services companies to stay relevant and competitive in our fast-changing tech-driven world. On June 10, I joined experts Ian Hollowbread, Ian R [...]

[PODCAST] How Will Enterprises Battle Cyberattack Onslaught?

May 17, 2020

This year has already been defined by outdated and vulnerable security systems, crippling ransomware attacks, and escalating nation-state cyberwarfare concerns. Many of those risks [...]

Five Ways to Eliminate Risk from your Cloud Migration Program

April 23, 2020

Migrating technology and services is a major undertaking that has a lasting impact on a company’s long-term IT development plan and strategy.  Cloud migration strategies are [...]

prooV Teams Up with AWS Service Catalog

April 8, 2020

Enterprises can now run proofs-of-concept in a scalable, secure and managed way directly from the AWS Service Catalog   prooV, the world’s first and only proof-of-concep [...]

Now Available on AWS Marketplace

January 16, 2020

Expedite adoption of latest technologies by shortening the proof-of-concept stage   prooV, the world’s first and only proof-of-concept (PoC) platform, announced today th [...]

Deep Mirroring: The Ultimate Proof-of-Concept Tool and How it Works

January 13, 2020

Or, everything you wanted to know about prooV’s patented deep mirroring technology but were afraid to ask.   What is deep mirroring?  Deep mirroring, prooV’s patented [...]

The New Innovation Calculator is LIVE!

January 1, 2020

A software proof-of-concept, in more cases than not, means a lengthy process with a hard-to-define timeline and an amorphous budget. So we created the prooV Enterprise Innovatio [...]

Insurtech: How to Make Better PoC Decisions?

November 17, 2019

It’s no secret that enterprises working in highly regulated industries - insurtech, fintech, and pharma - have a more difficult time than others evaluating and adopting the right [...]

World War C or How to Keep Your Organization Safe in a Cyber-Threatened Era

November 10, 2019

  DDoS Attacks Against US Banks Peaked At 60 Gbps.  Six days after a ransomware cyberattack, Atlanta officials are filling out forms by hand.  Airline faces USD 230 [...]

How to Make Cities Smarter?

November 3, 2019

Do you remember the Jetsons and their city of the future? They lived in flying saucer-style highrise apartments, drove personal spaceships and, most notably, had so many machines t [...]