[PODCAST] How Will Enterprises Battle Cyberattack Onslaught?

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This year has already been defined by outdated and vulnerable security systems, crippling ransomware attacks, and escalating nation-state cyberwarfare concerns. Many of those risks have been exacerbated by people working from home at scale.

The question remains: Are enterprises and governments prepared to battle the cyberattack onslaught if we look back to a pre COVID-19 world, the first two weeks of the year centered around cybersecurity hysteria?

Toby Olshanetsky, co-founder and CEO of prooV, argues that while organizations recognize the importance of stringent cyber defense evaluation procedures such as red team and penetration testing, many businesses cut corners due to time and resource constraints.

Traditional proof-of-concept methods can no longer keep pace with the global threat of cyberattacks. However, Toby points to AI advancements that can now simulate sensitive enterprise data to hasten how companies identify, evaluate, and deploy cybersecurity solutions.

Listen to the podcast conversation with Toby and Neil C Hughes of Tech Blog Writer.


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