[WEBINAR] Financial sector: How to make the right innovation decisions June 10, 7PM IST


Innovation is critical to stay relevant and competitive in our fast-changing tech-driven world

While 84% of executives agree that innovation is important to their growth strategy and 80% believe ‚Äčthat their current business models are at risk only 6% are satisfied with innovation performance

Effective innovation performance begins with asking the right questions and making the right decisions for your organisation, such as:

Which new technologies to focus on this year?

  • Which vendors should you evaluate?
  • How do you evaluate vendors while remaining compliant…always?
  • How do you evaluate your options to make the best-informed choice?
  • How do you define your unique decision-making criteria (measurable technical and business KPIs)?
  • How do you eliminate risk before you deploy new technology in your production environment?

About the speakers….

Delta Capita is proud to present to you the latest processes and tools CIOs and CTOs are using to make the right innovation decisions and secure a competitive edge, together with open innovation expert and speaker, Toby Olshanetsky.

Toby Olshanetsky is the co-founder and CEO of prooV, the first PoC-as-a-Service platform, which helps enterprises find, test-drive and implement new technologies. He has held senior roles and led several successful startups over the past 20 years, in technologies including cyber-security, mobile development, e-commerce and online banking.

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