The New Innovation Calculator is LIVE!

prooV innovation calculator

A software proof-of-concept, in more cases than not, means a lengthy process with a hard-to-define timeline and an amorphous budget.

So we created the prooV Enterprise Innovation Calculator to clarify just how much a proof-of-concept costs your organization. You simply add the required work hours from your different corporate officials for each stage of the journey and the calculator does the rest.

If you feel like the result does not match your budget or you would like to compare different options – you can go back and recalculate.

The power of prooV’s free Enterprise Innovation Calculator lies in the fact that it doesn’t only crunch the numbers for you – but also provides you with a clear workflow for your PoC based on the expertise of the prooV team – who have done this hundreds of times.

Apart from providing you with insight into the costs of each stage of a PoC, the prooV Enterprise Innovation Calculator walks you through each step from Preparation & Planning, through RFI/RFP, PoC Testing, Analysis & Evaluation, building the Environment and to the Result stage. This is an opportunity to rethink resource allocation at every stage, according to your organization’s requirements and restrictions.

This isn’t our first calculator :-). Following feedback from users, we re-vamped it to be more straightforward and informative.

Try the prooV Innovation Calculator for free – it only takes a few minutes.


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