Three critical tips before adopting a blockchain solution

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It all started with famous-infamous bitcoin… But that’s already history – albeit not a forgotten one. Blockchain is an independent entity by now finding its own way and the solutions it can serve best with its unique qualities. Let’s see what you have to pay attention to when running a proof-of-concept of a blockchain-based new technology.

1.Know when to use it

Blockchain has many advantages but to apply it successfully one has to know where its strengths will shine – and which areas of tech innovation will not benefit from the tech. Blockchain is consistent, fraud-safe and operates a bullet-proof distribution system – all great advantages when it comes to insurance policies, patient record or tender management systems. Data, contracts will remain unchanged and protected with the ‘chain.

2. Double-checking

Blockchain solutions have to be PoC-d in a special environment that prooV’s specialized blockchain lab is ready to provide. Before the testing can even start the servers hosting the solution need to be initialized and filled with tokens for the solutions to run smoothly.

3. Blockchain KPIs

Establishing KPIs ahead of starting your proof-of-concept is an absolute must, of course. But with blockchain one has to dig deep to find the right parameters on which their benchmarking system can be based. With prooV’s blockchain lab these parameters can be uncovered with ease and used to measure the vendors of your PoC.

“Until now no robust enterprise-grade solution was released that’s running on blockchain despite all the money raised by ICOs” – says prooV CTO Alexey Sapozhnikov. “That said, in 10 year’s time blockchain will mature into something more stable, I believe. There is a real need and real customers for what it has to offer.”

The today and tomorrow of blockchain

Blockchain solutions have popped up with a bang, taking advantage of the technology’s unique characteristics. But we recommend proceeding with caution. Many of the applications out there are in need of further development to become more stable and easier to use, making careful evaluation critical before even considering adoption.

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