[Free Report] Corporate Innovation Spending Benchmark Report 2018

Corporate Innovation Spending Benchmark Report 2018

Innovation spending is increasing across the enterprise ecosystem, and this growth is expected to continue.

According to the Strategy& Global 1000 study, R&D spending among the world’s 1,000 largest publicly listed corporations reached an all-time high of $702 Billion in 2017.

A majority of these companies use open innovation — a decentralized approach based on collaborating with other companies that have the knowledge and/or capabilities they need to innovate.

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From building accelerators to running proof-of-concepts to acquiring technology companies, each enterprise has a different strategy of how to spend their innovation dollars.

The size of a company’s innovation budget shows how forward-thinking the company is and how big of a player innovation is in its overall growth strategy.

Our latest report details which companies spend the most on innovation, what specific projects they are focusing their innovation efforts on and what is unique about each of their innovation approaches.

In this free report you’ll also learn:

  • The two most important factors of an impactful innovation program
  • Which industry spent the most on innovation last year, and which industry is on track to take its place
  • How to spend smart when it comes to your innovation program
  • How to optimize the process of making market-shifting ideas a reality

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