Enterprises Can Fast Track New Mobile Technology with Easy PoC Platform

Since the introduction of the mobile phone to consumers in 1973 by Motorola, the world of telecommunications has been forever changed. When Steve Jobs shook the mobile world in 2007 with the introduction of the first iPhone, a new wave of innovations was started in the dynamic world of mobile technology and communication.

In the first quarter of 2016 over 74 million iPhones and 350 million android phones were sold and all predict that future sales of smartphones will continue increasing as new technologies emerge.

The increased reliance on technology and the heightened speed at which consumers are accepting new technologies and demanding new innovations means that enterprises are shifting more resources than ever into creating new technologies that are suited for mobile devices in an effort to withhold market share and continue offering the latest innovations to consumers.  

Enterprises that lack the manpower, creative vision or technological capabilities to create game changing innovations in the field of mobile technology are finding solace in the simplified PoC process offered by prooV, a pilot-as-a-service platform that will only speed up the rate at which innovations are examined, tested and scaled to consumers.

Enterprises that wish to stay current in the ever evolving world of mobile technology must focus on the changes in sight and adapt their company strategy to focus on mobile innovation or risk slipping away from the limelight and losing their market share and value.


Developing & Scaling New Mobile Technologies

Many enterprises in the field of telecommunications are seeking mobile technology that is focused on improving, enhancing and optimizing the functionality and technological capability of the smartphones themselves.  In order to combat the market giants, enterprises must offer clients out of the box solutions for existing problems that will change the way mobile devices operate and give them a longstanding market advantage.

Whether trying to improve the speed, enhance the colors, minimize size or optimize battery life, there are endless innovations in mobile technology that can be done – all that enterprises need is a great idea and everything that goes with it.

Having a good idea, or even a developed idea, is not enough to take a new technology to market. The process of developing new technology, testing it out and scaling it up has been especially difficult for enterprises – particularly those trying to grab market share away from their larger competitors.

Creating new game changing innovation, particularly in the field of mobile technology and communication, is a daunting task even for the greatest enterprises out there. In addition to needing extensive funding, manpower and time, to be truly innovative and disruptive in the market it is necessary to be an out-of-the-box thinker.

Recognizing that they lack the stereotypical traits of startups, many enterprises have resolved to stop battling the startups for innovation and start relying on them instead.

Mutually Beneficial Collaborations

Enterprises that recognized the need for collaboration with startups were left wondering how to test and integrate new technologies against their own network in a way that wouldn’t defeat the purpose of going to the startup in the first place.

The idea behind approaching startups is simple – they have the creativity, the unique outlook and the new vision for approaching difficult tasks. The problem in adopting new technology does not lie in the benefit of the technology, but rather in the ability of an enterprise to test it and scale it on their own infrastructure.

Enterprises that want to examine the relevance of a new technology and its capabilities against their infrastructure are required to enable access to their ecosystem – something many CTO’s and decision makers are hesitant to do. Even those that are willing to do so, often encounter internal red tape that makes the testing process long and tedious and often more exhausting and time consuming than trying to develop it internally.

The more forward-thinking enterprises have started relying on the latest trend of pilot-as-a-service introduced to the market by prooV. The prooV idea is simple; streamline the process by which new startup technology is tested by enterprises.

Not only does prooV simplify the PoC process by enabling one-time integration to a system, prooV reduces the amount of time wasted examining and searching for new technologies that might not be relevant at all. Enterprises seeking new innovations can just integrate once with prooV and instantly gain access to hundreds of startups with ready-to-test technologies.

The secure prooV cloud offers startups instant access to the enterprise ecosystem without risking the enterprises data or technology. Startups are able to stop wasting time looking for networking events, buttering up enterprise decision makers and focus more on creating a product that is suitable to the needs of the enterprise.

By enabling instant access to testing infrastructure and simplifying the way enterprises and startups communicate, prooV, much like the first smartphone, is disrupting the way mobile technology is created and speeding up the level at which new technology is introduced to consumers.

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