A Tiny SDK with Great Responsibility

Following the recent release of the Anonymous Data SDK, we sat down with our Head of Product Dan Shmidt to talk about prooV’s new anonymization tool – its security features, use cases, why we made it freely available to our clients and partners, and more.

What is the Anonymous Data SDK?
The Anonymous Data SDK converts secure data into a non-traceable, whitewashed dataset that can be transferred to another network while remaining regulation-compliant and maintaining the original data set’s logic and structure.

Why is the Anonymous Data SDK important?
When a company is trying to run a proof-of-concept (PoC) with an external vendor, the first step is setting up the evaluation environment. In order for data to be extracted and transferred to an external network, it must be anonymized to the point that it can not be traced back to its original content. For example, masked data can be unmasked. Anyone who is trying to run a PoC and needs to transfer their data to a network outside their environment must use a top-notch anonymization solution. That is where the Anonymous Data SDK comes in. It obscures the data effectively.

Can you give us a quick use case?
All companies undergoing a PoC process must handle their data with care, in an appropriate, compliant manner. Examples abound, but a good use case would be a banking institution. If they were to extract data from their environment, they would run into the challenge of keeping sensitive data safe, like their customers’ names, credit card information and more. In this case, prooV’s Anonymous Data SDK would sort through the data, change the name and change the address so that the information can be securely extracted and transferred to an external network, along with the unique relationships between data sets and the logic of the system. With anonymized data, a company has full range and freedom over their data to be transferred for testing, in compliance with GDPR and other regulations.

What pain points does the Anonymous Data SDK address?
We recognized that data security regulations put a serious strain on our clients and restricts them to extract data from their network. We understood that they are in need of an anonymization tool that not only enables them to securely transfer their data sample to the prooV Cloud but does so while making the data set prooV-ready, compatible with our platform. The SDK allows customers to share their data with us without breaking any rules or regulations.

How is the Anonymous Data SDK unique?
The prooV Anonymous Data SDK is specific to our customers’ stated needs and is integrated into the prooV platform where we are able to detect errors and offer our guidance and support to customers.

How does it work, in technical terms?
The Anonymous Data SDK is based on open-source software that can be integrated into one’s environment, giving customers full reign over their data. Once the data is anonymized using the SDK tool, it can be securely extracted from their environment and sent to prooV for the data to be enlarged and analyzed through our Deep Mirroring process.

How did you make sure that the SDK can be safely integrated into one’s system?
We understand that customers are hesitant about bringing external software into their network. What they need to know is that after the SDK has been integrated they will have full control over the datasets it will be able to access and will not see or affect the rest of the data.

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