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PoC Environments Tailored to a T

Propel your business forward with a customized innovation lab.

Build an Innovation Lab

"Our collaboration with prooV provides companies such as Sompo with the right building blocks to identify the ideal products and services, gain a competitive advantage, and pursue their growth strategies."

Tal Chen

Partner, Head of Technologies Collaborations, Deloitte Israel

What is prooV Lab?

prooV Lab allows you to configure more complex, richer testing environments with parameters that are not available on the standard prooV platform.

With a testing environment that more closely resembles your production environment, PoC results are as authentic as possible.

With prooV Lab you can test how technologies interact with live directory communications, whether the solutions you are testing can work with legacy APIs, and more.

Advanced Customizations for Real Results

Don’t leave any open questions when it comes to choosing the right technology. Run PoCs in an environment that replicates your own to see exactly how solutions will perform in production.

A More Robust PoC Environment

Broaden the scope of specification in your testing environment by defining variables like operating system, firewall, CRM, database, big data platform, hardware servers, and more so that they match your production environment.

Build A More Specialized Testing Environment

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