Run Enterprise Predictive Analytics PoCs with B2B Startups Today

The merits of a PoC are well known; a PoC lets you test the viability and scalability of a solution before integrating it into the full production mode. The key function of a PoC is to establish feasibility as well as gain the potential value of a new project in the shortest amount of time.

Whether you are looking to expand your existing features or develop an entirely new product, a PoC is a great way to clarify your scope, goals and long-term development needs. If you are in the field of predictive analytics, you know that in order to maintain market share and continually expand your brand, you need to constantly develop new product features and analytic capabilities for your clients.

The best way to do this in a short frame of time, is to launch multiple PoC’s and see which startup or Independent Software Vendor will provide the most value for your customers.  

While launching a PoC sounds good on paper, if you are in a vertical in need predictive analytics, a PoC may seem like the last thing you want to do as the complexity and data risks may be significant challenges. As well, in order to be deemed successful, it is necessary to have the ability to test the solution on your existing ecosystem – a task many enterprises needing predictive analytics innovation are hesitant to do.

Why PoC’s in Predictive Analytics Often Fail

PoC’s aren’t always successful, however predictive analytic PoC’s are often considered failures.  While it’s easy to attribute the failure to budget issues or time management, more often than not, predictive analytics PoC’s fail because of a lack of true testing capabilities.  Without enabling full access to your ecosystem for testing purposes, it will never be truly possible to assess the value of a PoC.

However, in the predictive analytics field, more so than almost any other, data is the driving factor of a company, and therefore executives and key decision makers are often hesitant to grant third party access to their information (and rightfully so).

While this does leave the alternative of developing an in-house PoC process, there are far more chances of conceiving truly game changing solutions when collaborating with external companies – specifically B2B startups.  Startups continue to live up to their reputation of being innovative and thinking outside the box – characteristics enterprises, specifically in the field of predictive analytics, want to emulate when creating new solutions. If you are looking to launch a PoC in house you will need to expand your resources, reallocate manpower and increase your budget with no guarantee of getting a viable solution.

If you do not expand your resources or seek external help, no matter how much planning you do, how clear your needs are or how adept your team is, you will not be able to launch a successful PoC.

How to Increase the Chance of PoC Success

If you want to successfully complete a PoC in predictive analytics, the first thing you need is a PoC testing environment that is secure, integration-friendly and enables multiple PoC’s to be launched simultaneously. You could go ahead and create your own system, or, the more affordable and simpler solution, you could integrate with the PoC-as-a-Service solution provided by prooV.

Illustrating once again that game changing solutions come from startups, prooV emerged on the PoC scene in 2015 with the simple goal of connecting startups to enterprises and simplifying the PoC process. Today prooV serves as the go-to marketplace for enterprises looking to expand their product offerings or improve functionality through collaborations and partnerships with startup all around the world.

The prooV platform requires a single integration into the secure prooV ecosystem and from that point, enterprises can easily run multiple PoC’s at once, working with a larger number of potential solutions, thus expanding the likelihood of completing a PoC successfully.

In addition to testing multiple PoC solutions from a variety of startups, enterprises can leverage the prooV network in order to run multiple PoC’s to meet a variety of needs from existing functionality development to new product viability testing and even in-house efficiency capabilities.   

Once you join the prooV marketplace network, it is important to clearly understand (and communicate) your capabilities and needs. The way in which your PoC applications will be utilized in real life situations can help startups adapt their solution to your needs. It is also important to understand how you are going to measure the success of a PoC.

Ultimately, PoC’s are a numbers game – the more solutions you test, the more likely you are to find one that works according to your KPIs. With prooV it just got easier to test the solutions.

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