How MadTech is Much More Than AdTech and Why It Matters

MadTech is much more than AdTech

In today’s world, consumers expect companies to identify their evolving needs in real time. For many firms and agencies, this means radical innovation and extensive changes that they sometimes do not know how to tackle themselves. There’s a MadTech app for that.

MadTech, a new and fast-growing ecosystem of startups offering AI and machine-mediated marketing and advertising technologies is now looking to help companies do exactly that – and more!

MadTech seeks to offer companies improved ability to turn latent data into actionable insights, combine and leverage channel silos, enjoy the optimal mix of marketing tactics and streamline all marketing strategy for increased revenues.

Just like AdTech, MadTech uses software and other digital tools to deliver cross-platform communications, but it does so with much more dynamism, predictive precision, and timely impact, making for an important new vertical all companies need to keep an eye on.

Can AdTech Match the Might of MadTech?

AdTech provides customers with relatively short, unconnected messages. But in a world where all marketing is constant storytelling, one needs to engage in systematic, connected and continuous story-building. MadTech does this by leveraging customers’ digital past and present through innovative personalization methods and advanced predictive behavioral modeling.

The power of MadTech lies in how well customer metrics and insights are developed and applied – a feat that is accomplished by extensive use of AI, machine learning, statistical analysis and high-performance computing. This approach goes way beyond the capabilities of AdTech.

Consumers expect companies to identify their needs in real time – there's a MadTech app for that. Click To Tweet

The result of the combination is hyper-personalized communications offered at exactly the right time, through the precise means and in the right context designed to increase the chances for conversion.

Personal and precise communication is so important that 52% of B2C customers and 65% of B2B customers say they are likely to abandon brands if a company fails in this area. Marketers and agencies have been well aware of this – and a whopping 94% agree that we have already thoroughly entered a new era where media, advertising and technology have to come together for a personalized marketing approach.

Audacious Innovations: MadTech Startups to Check Out

Today, anyone who engages in digital advertising, whether it’s managed in-house or outsourced, must be prepared to take part in this highly dynamic landscape. Partnering with agile startups who are ahead of the MadTech game can help step up companies’ marketing efforts. As the revolution continues, startups are beginning to differentiate themselves by their ability to integrate advanced technologies and adapt them to the marketing and advertising world.

One such startup, Pixoneye, anonymously analyzes the images on potential customers’ devices using AI and image recognition, and creates predictive profiles and recommendations accordingly. Admiral helps companies calculate and recover ad-block losses, while Phrasee composes AI-generated subject lines and email copy to increase email marketing engagement.

The power of MadTech lies in how well customer metrics and insights are developed and applied. Click To Tweet

More to Come: Future PoCs

Our digital hyper-connected way of life has shortened people’s attention spans, making successful marketing all the more difficult to accomplish. Connecting the various screens consumers interact with allows marketers to connect all the dots and keep customers in the sales loop, thereby improving overall customer loyalty, brand recognition and ultimately — ROI.

Today, the television ad industry is one of the largest ad segments in the US and it mostly uses broad demographic data, such as age and gender, to target potential customers. With so many further customization opportunities still untapped, it’s very much ripe for digital disruption.

Anticipation of the market value exceeding $17 billion by 2019 has made many companies seek new solutions through proofs-of-concept, for fear of missing the MadTech bandwagon.

MadTech is Here to Stay

With so many game-changing innovations disrupting the marketplace, MadTech can make a considerable impact on your marketing outreach. By bringing the right MadTech solutions to your ecosystem, you too can have a unique advantage in the digital advertising space and get ahead of competition.

If you ask us, MadTech is more than just another buzzword. It is a timely opportunity that can help enterprises realize efficient and effective digital marketing goals.

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