In 1 Click, Enterprises Access Hundreds of Tech Startups

Transforming the way enterprises and startups communicate is not easy – but prooV found a way to instantly connect enterprises with hundreds of relevant tech startups with a revolutionary Pilot-as-a-Service platform.

The founders of prooV created a secure marketplace that would simplify communication, reduce the role of the gatekeeper, and streamline the PoC process so new technologies could be identified, tested and scaled faster than ever.

As the need for creative solutions for complex technological problems intensifies, and the number of startups multiplies, it is harder and harder for enterprises to find startups with ready solutions to test and scale without a dedicated platform to do so. 

Why Enterprises Seek Startups for Pilots

Enterprises, with their large R&D centers, seemingly inexhaustible budgets and enormous technological capabilities still seek the small, not-yet-discovered startups to boost their existing efforts and inject new energy, outlooks and solutions.

Why? The reason is simple – startups have the reputation of being innovative, dynamic and able to explore problems from a unique perspective and what enterprises often need is a creative solution for a complex problem that can be tested and deployed quickly and scaled at will.

Enterprises that want to retain their existing market share or grab hold of a bigger piece of the pie must always stay relevant and at the forefront of technological advances. To do that, they must constantly reinvent their products, improve existing capabilities and enhance their features to meet the demands of the modern consumer.  While it is standard for an enterprise to rely on internal sources to improve their existing capabilities and enhance their existing features, stepping outside their comfort levels and reinventing products or new technologies is often difficult to do from the existing enterprise ecosystem.

It is for that reason exactly that enterprises often look outside the confines of their corporate culture for innovative solutions that can be added onto their products or modified and scaled as new features and products.

How Enterprises Find Startups

The existing scenario is not ideal for enterprises and startups alike. Enterprise-level companies, particularly the decision makers, CTO’s and big thinkers or enterprises, are flooded with ‘solutions’ that are largely irrelevant, untestable or simply not suitable for their needs.

Startups on the other hand are often bootstrapped or rely on limited funding that must be maximized for R&D. They often have little to no funds or manpower left to schmooze and network, and when they do make room for such activities, they risk their message falling on deaf ears of gatekeepers who do not understand the relevance of their solution.

There are ways for enterprises and startups to connect; accelerators, incubators, tech hubs, meetups and competitions are all great ways for startups to explore new technologies and interact with the creative masterminds of the future innovations of tomorrow. The downside to these solutions is the time, energy and methodology by which the startup technologies are applied to the enterprise solutions.

For such events to yield successful matches, the stars must truly align for the enterprise and the startup – any startup founder will attest to the fact that the chances of them meeting the right decision-maker for the relevant enterprise with their ready solution is slim, and even if that does occur, the process for setting up a secure testing environment, piloting the technology and assessing it is lengthy, exhausting and does not always yield successful results.

Finally, the Solution Enterprises Have Sought

The introduction of the prooV Pilot-as-a-Service platform radically alters the PoC process and delivers a marketplace that eliminates the middleman, enabling instant communication between enterprise decision makers and the startups with the technologies they seek.

The way prooV works is simple in theory and even simpler in application. Enterprises that are open to new technologies but hesitant to enable access to their data ecosystem are able to integrate with the prooV secure cloud-based platform one time, and then hundreds of startups will be able to instantly test their solution on the enterprise simulated data within the prooV secure network, never risking the testing environment or the enterprises own network in the process.

Once registered on prooV, enterprises are also able to scroll through existing startups and their solutions, in order to gain additional insight into trending technological developments and existing technologies from leading startups. Enterprises that have a specific demand or existing problem that needs to be solved within their framework can request a solution from startups, and with just a few quick details are able to immediately and accurately convey their needs and ensure that relevant startups offer their services in a way that is ready to be tested on the enterprise ecosystem.

Startups on the other hand simply register on prooV and are able to understand enterprises needs and offer their technology as a PoC within minutes, without the hassle of seeking the relevant decision-maker, or undergoing meticulous security verifications. By understanding the enterprises needs and only then adapting the technology and testing it in the enterprises network the startup gains better business confidence and investor interest.

How Will the Pilot-as-a-Service Technology Change the Startup Landscape?

In the rapidly changing and dynamic world we live in, startups need to create a solution and quickly test, deploy and scale it, otherwise they risk no longer remaining relevant for enterprises.  The introduction of the Pilot-as-a-Service concept is in line with the SaaS trend B2C companies have integrated and brings to light the need enterprises have had for immediate solutions.

Enterprises no longer want to waste time and energy testing technologies that eventually do not meet their demands, and startups can no longer spend months or even years creating a technology that there is no need for.

The introduction of the game-changing prooV platform will undoubtedly transform the startup scene and speed up the process by which new technologies are introduced to the market.

By connecting startups to enterprises and testing technological solutions, consumers can expect even more advanced technologies to emerge and be accessible. As the Pilot-as-a-Service concept gains traction, many companies, not just large enterprises, will likely seek new collaborations with startups, since the discovery and testing process will be simplified and more accessible for medium sized companies.

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