The Best of Summer 2018: The Top 5 Innovation Reads You Missed This Summer

Get back in the swing of things with our top 5 innovation reads of the summer

Labor Day is here and it’s the unofficial end of summer. Sigh.

With back to school sales in full swing and the season of sunburn and out of office messages behind us, it’s time to catch up on innovation insights.

Here are the top five articles of Summer 2018 to get you up to speed.

[Free Report] Corporate Innovation Spending Benchmark Report 2018

Our latest report details which companies spend the most on innovation, what specific projects they are focusing their innovation efforts on and what is unique about each of their innovation approaches.

In this free report you’ll also learn:

  • The two most important factors of an impactful innovation program
  • Which industry spent the most on innovation last year, and which industry is on track to take its place
  • How to spend smart when it comes to your innovation program
  • How to optimize the process of making market-shifting ideas a reality

5 Essential Tools for Enterprise Architects

Enterprise architects have one foot in the business side of a company and one foot in the technical side. They juggle both technical and business line responsibilities that can ultimately make or break a business.

Here are the five essential tools that will help them stand on firm ground by improving innovation processes and empowering them to make informed decisions.

How the Internet of Things Will Impact These 10 Industries

Almost every device you interact with these days can be connected to the Internet, creating an Internet of Things that provides both consumers and companies with more data than ever before.

This ever-present connectivity has drastically changed the way people live, and it is having the same effect on how businesses across industries operate.

Learn how your industry is embracing IoT, and how the market is changing as a consequence.

Intro to 5G: What Is It and How Will It Impact Innovation?

This latest evolution of wireless networking technology promises to offer better, more reliable connectivity and high-speed performance, regardless of location.

While most countries are scheduled for a full launch in 2020, there are already notable and innovative partnerships forming to position industries to take full advantage of 5G as soon as it becomes available.

Here is your full 5G breakdown including what it is, which industries will be impacted, how different companies are preparing for it and the impact it will have on enterprise-startup collaborations.

The 3 Types of Innovation and How You Can Implement Them

The data shows that most companies acknowledge the importance of innovation, but don’t know how to get an innovation program started.

To help you gain more insight on how innovation as a dedicated discipline works at the enterprise level, here is an overview of the three main types of innovation along with real-world examples and pro tips.

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