7 Challenges Solved for Startups Launching PoC’s with Enterprises

Launching a PoC can initially seem intimidating to startups, yet avoiding this hurdle delays your chances of growing your startup, securing additional funding, and conquering the world.  

One of the best ways to overcome fears and embark on a new journey is to know exactly what challenges you might face. Here are a few tips on how to overcome them.

Challenge #1: Connecting with Enterprises

The most difficult part of the PoC process is finding the right enterprise to collaborate with. Many startup founders and CEO’s spend weeks on end wrongfully chasing enterprises that do not need their solution or are not a good fit for their product.  

Additionally, startups waste a lot of time, energy and resources attending what turns out to be the wrong events or irrelevant networking that does not lead to successful PoC’s – what can you do?

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Challenge #2: Passing the IT-Test

If you connect with an enterprise that is willing to talk PoC with you, your next hurdle will be the IT department. Before embarking on the PoC process, you have to ensure that the enterprises’ technological capacity matches your tech needs in order to move forward. Beyond that, you need to ensure that the enterprises’ tech team is receptive to working with you. Many times the PoC process causes IT departments to feel that they are being bypassed or undermined, this often causes friction with the startups trying to complete a PoC.

Challenge #3: Getting Access to the Ecosystem

Once you connect with the enterprise and pass the unspoken IT-team test, you have to get access to the secure enterprise ecosystem in order to launch your PoC. While many startup founders and CEO’s believe that access will be easy once they reach this stage, the truth is that obtaining access to an enterprises’ ecosystem is never easy.

Enterprises are resistant to enabling third party access, and so integration is often accomplished using ad-hoc methods with a variety of limitations, even requiring a startup representative to be physically present at the enterprises’ location to access their secure ecosystem.

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Challenge #4: Understanding The Enterprise’s Needs

When you do finally embark on your PoC process, it is important to ensure that there are open lines of communication with the project manager at the enterprise. Many PoC projects are deemed unsuccessful not because of their results but because their results simply did not meet the exact needs of the enterprise.

Challenge #5: How to Measure Results

Think that reaching this far ahead in the game means you will have a clear answer on whether or not your PoC worked? Think again. One of the most difficult aspects of the PoC process involves the ability of the enterprise to measure your results. To avoid this, it is best to set clear goals and KPI’s that can be measured objectively.  prooV solves this by factoring in concrete KPIs into a dashboard along with predictive analytics to understand how the PoC results will scale in the real production environment.

Challenge #6: Completing a PoC without Depleting all Resources

While a successful PoC can open up the possibility of long term growth for a startup, it often comes with a significant cost. Since many PoC’s require on-site work, are time consuming and include a large amount of ping-ponging back and forth, many startups find it hard to continue developing their product independently of a PoC. It is best to ensure you have the resources to simultaneously promote your product and prove it against an enterprises ecosystem.

Challenge #7: How to Launch Multiple PoC’s at Once

While everyone knows that you “can’t put all your eggs in one basket,” it’s often easier said than done for startups looking to launch multiple PoC’s. Since successfully completing a PoC on the first shot is a rare occurrence, startups have to prepare themselves – financially and emotionally – for the long journey towards PoC success.

The Solution: PoC Marketplace

Luckily for startups, there is a single solution that meets the needs of every single one of these challenges (and then some) – that solution is called ProoV. Built as the first Pilot-as-a-Service solution, prooV simplifies the entire PoC process by instantly connecting startups to enterprises in their secure cloud environment, and serving as the middleman between startups and enterprises, ensuring both sides have a clear understanding of each other’s capabilities and needs.

For enterprises, prooV is the easiest solution as they integrate only once with the prooV secure cloud and then are free to connect with as many startups as they want to easily run PoCs.

For startups, they avoid wasting time, manpower and precious funds, thanks to the prooV platform, while easily accessing dozens of open calls for PoC’s relevant to their product.

The dedicated prooV analyst team works with startups and enterprises to ensure that communication lines are clear, IT demands are met, and all parties know exactly what the goals are and what constitutes a successful PoC.

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