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Simulate Your Network Behavior In Your PoC Environments

Make your testing environments as true as possible to your production conditions.

Mirror Network Behavior

"Our collaboration with prooV provides companies such as Sompo with the right building blocks to identify the ideal products and services, gain a competitive advantage, and pursue their growth strategies."

Tal Chen

Head of Technologies Collaborations, Deloitte Israel

What is Behavior Mirroring?

Behavior Mirroring is a prooV tool that leverages prooV's Deep Mirroring technology to generate mimicked network traffic and noise from any private/public/hybrid cloud, within your PoC testing environments.

Behavior Mirroring ensures that you are not only testing within a similar infrastructure and with similar data, but that the behavior and conditions you are testing under truly reflect the conditions in which solutions will eventually be required to perform.

Solutions Perform Differently Under Different Conditions

When running a proof-of-concept to examine several solutions, it is difficult to make reliable conclusions about how a technology will perform in other environments post-PoC. To do so, you need to make sure that your testing conditions are as close as possible to your production environment conditions.

Behavior Mirroring finally provides that additional layer of information you need to easily and accurately simulate those conditions.

PoC Under Network Conditions That Simulate Your Own

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