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What is prooV?

prooV’s Pilot-as-a-Service platform provides an all encompassing environment, facilitating PoC’s between global enterprises and software vendors.

Whether you’re a startup looking to demonstrate and test your solution with global corporations, or an enterprise looking to test the latest innovations and stay ahead in the industry, prooV is the place for you to discover, connect, demonstrate, and evaluate.

What is a PoC pilot?

A Proof-of-Concept (PoC) pilot, is a small-scale demonstration of a solution that proves its viability and feasibility to fill a need.

Enterprises run PoC’s before implementation or acquisitions, in order to test the solution and see that it meets the enterprise's specific needs, configuration, environment, and KPIs.

What is a PoC pilot opportunity on prooV?

Enterprises join prooV in search of innovative technology solutions in order to solve a need. They list these needs on the prooV platform as PoC opportunities - vendors with relevant solutions can apply to join these opportunities to demonstrate how their solution performs and addresses them.

How do I get started on prooV?

Simple. Just go to proov.io and sign up.

We’ll take it from there. After reviewing your application, as we do with all applicants to ensure their qualification for the platform, we’ll contact you via email to confirm your registration.

My registration was rejected. Why?

Our business analyst team thoroughly reviews all applications submitted to join the platform and validates them under a set of criteria. If your registration was rejected, it is because they decided that at this time, your company does not meet the requirements. If there are status changes within your company in the future, you can re-apply and will be reconsidered.

Why do I need to complete my profile?

Completing your profile is a crucial step in the registration process. It ensures you get the most out of the prooV platform by giving the other party, either vendor or enterprise, reason to contact you. The more information you provide, the faster you can move towards a relevant and successful PoC.

Who can see my profile?

By default, both vendors and enterprises’ profile pages are displayed on the prooV marketplace. This is where the enterprises publish their open PoC opportunities and how companies can interact and connect with one another. Only pre-approved and vetted companies have access to the prooV marketplace.

What is prooV’s privacy policy and how can I ensure my IP safety?

Several vendors with proprietary technology as well as global enterprises with sensitive information use prooV. We understand your privacy concerns and have put in place strict terms of service that explain all risks and responsibilities. If you’re a vendor, click here. If you’re an enterprise, click here.

If you still have questions regarding these agreements, feel free to reach out to us: [email protected].

Which browsers and operating systems are supported?

Desktop - we support the last 2 versions of:

Mobile - we support the last 2 versions of:

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click here and select “forgot password”. We’ll send you a reset link with instructions.

How will prooV help my company?

prooV’s platform will help you stay ahead of the industry by simplifying your search for the latest innovations. Have a need you’re looking to fill? Our platform helps you find and evaluate vendors that offer innovative answers.

So, how does it work?

Simple. You create a PoC opportunity, outlining the requirements of what you’re looking for, which is then automatically uploaded to our platform acting, as a marketplace between vendors and enterprises. Vendors who think their solution is of relevance then request to join your PoC opportunity.

Once you’ve approved the vendors you’re interested in, they are granted access to a secure testing environment, also on the platform, where they run the PoC.

You can run multiple PoC opportunities with several vendorss simultaneously and easily monitor it all with prooV’s dashboard and predictive analytics tool.

Can we use the platform without a specific technological need in mind?

Yes. While many enterprises use prooV to test software solutions for specific needs/gaps they’re looking to fill, there are several others who choose to use it strictly as a tool for scouting innovation. No worries if you don’t have a specific PoC opportunity in mind - you can use the search functions and marketplace to discover the latest and greatest until one comes along. In addition, pre-qualified vendors on the platform can suggest their solution in order for you to open a dedicated PoC opportunity for them.

How do I create a PoC opportunity?

After a simple registration and approval process, you’ll be asked to set up your first PoC opportunity. At any point, you can open additional opportunities from My Pilots (hyperlink), by clicking “Create Pilot” and filling in the required fields.

Who can see my PoC opportunities?

All vendors that have been approved to be on prooV can view open PoC opportunities. But, if you choose to, you can set the PoC type to Stealth and in this case, only vendors that you specifically invite to partake in your PoC will be able to see it.

What information do I need to open a PoC opportunity?

All you need to get started and open your first PoC is to know what you’re looking for. Create goals, KPI’s, scenarios and outcomes to evaluate what a successful PoC would look like.

Is it important to upload an RFI/RFP?

Yes. It’s important and highly recommended that you upload RFI/RFP’s and provide as much detail as possible in your PoC description. The more information you provide as far as what you’re looking for/ need, the more relevant vendors you’ll attract and the more successful your PoC will be.

How long does the PoC process take?

The PoC process can be as short as a few days or as long as several months. It all depends on you and how long you want it to run for. All time frames are set by you in accordance with your urgency.

How can I evaluate the results of my PoC?

All PoC performance is tracked on a sophisticated yet simple and easy to understand dashboard that displays analytics on a variety of KPI’s. You can compare the performance of different vendors’ solutions to those KPI’s as well as against each other, and use predictive analytics to measure how each solution will scale in your production environment.

How does prooV create the testing environments?

When opening a PoC opportunity through the prooV wizard you will be prompt to choose the relevant environment configurations including servers, API, database types, etc. prooV also enables you to choose from different types of data to be used for the PoC.

In addition, through the process of deep mirroring prooV can connect to your system, analyze and learn its logic to automatically create an external, super accurate, mini-simulation of it solely for testing purposes. Deep mirroring is done in a completely encrypted and secure manner, without exposing your network to any external threats.

What kind of data can prooV provide for my testing environment?

Your testing environment can include several types of data for vendors to use:

Does prooV help with integrating the solution after the PoC ends?

Yes. prooV helps simplify the process for you even after the PoC ends. If you want to continue working with a vendor, simply press the “Deploy” button to copy the configured environment directly into your AWS Service Catalog account.